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24 Hour Emergency Care

New Puppy


Vale-Vets-5776_441x597.jpgOwning a puppy can be a whole new experience, we try to help by providing lots of support and making your visits to the vets as helpful as possible. It’s really important to vaccinate your puppy to protect against different diseases - our puppy vaccination course starts with a first vaccine at 6-8 weeks and a second 4 weeks later. Your puppy can explore the great outdoors 1 week after the second vaccination.

If you need any help or advice before you get your puppy or before their first vaccine, we offer free advice and puppy checks to ensure your pet is fit and well and to advise on feeding, general care and any parasite control needed.

What to expect from your first visit:

  • 20 minute Consultation to include full health check
  • Weight check
  • Advice on fleas, ticks, worms and lungworm and a free spot-on treatment for your puppy.
  • Further advice on our pet health plans, insurance, micro-chipping, diet, behaviour, neutering . . .. Anything you like really!
  • Vale puppy pack
  • Voucher for a free bag of recommended pet food
  • 1st vaccination and certificate
  • 4 weeks free pet insurance with Pet Plan (if required)
  • Invitation to attend a puppy party

What to expect on your second visit

  • 10 Minute Consultation with the vet or nurse
  • Weight Check
  • 2nd vaccination
  • Opportunity to ask any questions you may have


Get your puppy ‘chipped’ for peace of mind. If your pup should go missing this will give you the very best chance of being reunited as quickly as possible. The microchip can be placed at the first or second vaccine or any time after that.

From April 2016 it will be a legal requirement for all dogs to have a microchip.

Puppy parties

DSC00044_455x274.jpgCome and have fun at our popular puppy parties. These are fun and informative sessions run by our nurses. They help with socialisation, behaviour and general health care. The puppies who come to our puppy parties are much more relaxed about coming into the surgery in the future too, which makes visits to the vets much more enjoyable.

‘Weigh, worm and cuddle’

The first 6-12 months of owning a puppy can be a steep learning curve so we offer free monthly nurse checks for all young dogs. Come in for a weight check, continued safe and effective flea, tick, worm and lungworm control and advice on feeding. It’s a really good time to chat about your puppy and discuss and problems or questions you may have.


At the Vale we recommend neutering of both male and female dogs, the operation can be done from 6 months onwards and your dog will only have to stay in for the day. There are certain timings recommended for spaying female dogs but male dogs can be castrated at any time from 6 months of age. Neutering can eliminate some health risks and reduce the risks of others and it prevents unwanted pregnancies. For further information click here.

Of course you may want to breed from your dog, we can give you lots of help and advice if you would like to do this, please give us a call to discuss.

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