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Excellent nutritional management forms the core of any good production animal system. As we are regularly on farm we are well placed to promote optimal feed management.

We work closely with farmers, nutritional advisors, feed company reps and other professionals to achieve efficient herd performance.

The management of the feeding on farm often has as much impact as the actual rationing itself. Investigating and monitoring the presentation of the diet to the cows and their access to it is important. Nutritional issues can often be solved by changing the way the diet is managed as opposed the makeup of the ration.

  • Clamp management
  • Dry Matter and pH assessment
  • Macro and micronutrient analysis
  • Mix quality
  • Trough/feed barrier management
  • Trough/feed barrier design
  • Feed area surfaces
  • Dry Matter Intakes

The other important area where we get involved with nutrition is looking at the cows to see what they are telling us about the diet. Monitoring the cow’s response to the diet regularly is important.

  • body condition scoring
  • ketone testing
  • full metabolic profiles
  • dung sieving and scoring
  • rumen fill scoring


This is especially important around the transition period. We also monitor the incidence of fresh cow diseases to tell us how well cows are transitioning.

  • Endometritis (whites)
  • Conception rates
  • Early lactation mastitis
  • Ketosis
  • Milk fever
  • LDAs

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