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Youngstock are the future of any livestock enterprise, whether they are the next generation of breeding animals or finished stock. Ensuring an excellent start followed by continued good growth is essential.

All our vets have experience diagnosing and treating calf problems on farm, but we also have a keen interest in maximising the profitability of your calf rearing enterprise.

Just as we offer routine health visits for the milking herd, we also offer a comprehensive youngstock scheme, which includes regular visits throughout the year and routine testing, data monitoring and analysis. One of our dedicated youngstock vets will come on farm and do a thorough assessment of all areas of calf rearing from birth (and pre-birth!) through to service and calving, and analyse health parameters and growth rates in order to give you tailored advice to improve and develop the potential of your calves.

Neonatal period and pre-weaning

  • Good biosecurity and infectious disease control to protect the foetus
  • Management of the cow in the run up to calving
  • Management of the cow and calf at calving
  • Routine colostrum management monitoring
  • Management of calves on milk
  • Diets up to weaning
  • Growth rate monitoring

Weaned calf

  • weaned_calves2.JPGHousing design
  • Vaccination programs
  • Nutrition
  • Growth targets and monitoring

8 months to service

  • Pre service vaccination programs
  • Growth/height monitoring
  • Parasite control
  • service_to_calving_400x300.JPGService planning – gene matching

Service to calving

  • Body Condition Score monitoring
  • Growth targets
  • Mineral/vitamin status
  • Transition care

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