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Bedding Samples



A huge variety of materials are used for cow bedding from traditional straw through the potentially controversial recycled manure solids (RMS - sometimes called “green bedding”) to sawdust and mattresses to sand. Although non organic bedding such has sand has huge advantages for cow comfort and is less likely to grow mastitis pathogens we have isolated Klebsiella from sand so it is best not to be complacent.

Most commonly fresh bedding is tested however sometimes it can be useful to check especially pH and dry matter content of used bedding.

bedding.jpgBoth fresh and used bedding samples can be tested for:

PH, Dry matter content and overall bacterial load

  • Total bacterial counts
  • Specific mastitis causing bacteria counts.
  • Gram negative, Coliform, Klebsiella, Staphs and Streps

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